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Bosch Buy One Get Two Pro Deal

Our Bosch Pro Deal offer has now finished. Please visit our home page for latest offers.

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Bosch Pro Deal FAQs

First you have to register a Bosch ID in order to sign on to PRO Deals. Then a PRO360 user profile is set up for you. You can then quite simply register your purchased tool, upload your invoice and then secure your Deal from a selection of different bonuses.

After registration of a new Bosch ID or login with an existing Bosch ID , you can log in to PRO Deals. If you are participating in PRO Deals, a personal PRO360 user profile will then be created for you.

Your data will be saved together with the PRO360 user profile so that you do not have to enter it again when you participate in PRO Deals in future. Furthermore, this user profile can also be used to utilise further digital PRO360-Services.

No, you only have to create a PRO360 user profile. Then you have access to PRO Deals from any end device.

No, bonuses can only be selected for individual tools from a purchase price of £ 179 / 199 € (without VAT). If several tools with a value of over £ 179 / 199 € respectively are purchased, a bonus can be selected for each tool. If several such relevant tools are listed on a common invoice, they can be used several times for the individual tools and uploaded.

In order to participate in the current PRO Deals promotion, the actual paid net final price must be at least £ 179 / 199 €.

Following one-time registration, only the product and serial number of the purchased tool have to be stated and the proof of purchase / invoice must be uploaded.

Only the purchase of an 18V tool from Bosch Professional (from £ 179 / 199 € excluding VAT) entitles you to participate in PRO Deals.

Enquires can be made via prodeals@bosch.com directly to PRO Deals Support.