"A big thank you from all my team here at Radius Aerospace as the level of service we have received during this pandemic is way above my expectations.

My account manager has been exceptional throughout this crisis and a credit to Cromwell. In times like this you need your company to come out with all guns blazing and Cromwell did"
Michael McGann, Head of Facilities & EHS at Radius Aerospace

Keeping the World’s Industry Working

As a supplier of health and safety solutions throughout the world, Cromwell, and every one of its employees, takes our core value of “keeping industry working” as a heartfelt pledge as we continue to supply to key industries around the globe with essential safety products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cromwell support businesses across multiple industries from public sector including health care, to private sector encompassing utilities and manufacturing, food and beverage, to logistics and distribution, aerospace and defence.

As part of the Grainger group, we are proud to be the largest distributor of PPE products in the world. Our international team members, in the US, Europe, Asia, and the UK have worked tirelessly, scouring the globe to find the correct, tested, certificated and conforming safety products so our customers can be confident that they are protecting their employees and their loved ones. In the current climate that isn’t an easy job to undertake!

During these unprecedented times we have all faced incredible challenges. However, even in this exceptionally challenging climate we have invested millions of pounds to secure tens of millions of compliant products, conforming and tested to UK standards. This ensures our customers have the products that will protect them, not just from COVID-19, but from every day, potentially life changing hazards. We take our jobs seriously as a safety partner that key critical industries can trust to keep their industry working!

By investing significantly and using air freight, we have ensured our customers have access to millions of face coverings, surgical masks, disposable and reusable respiratory masks, disposable gloves, disposable coveralls and hand sanitisers and wipes. Stocked at our impressive World Distribution Centre in Wigston, Leicester, we support medical heroes on the ‘frontline’, key workers within critical infrastructure as well as valued customers with essential PPE, hygiene, and safety equipment.

We understand and appreciate that these unprecedented times have brought us all challenges, both personally as well as professionally. We are proud to communicate with our customers with compassion, empathy, understanding and most importantly, honesty. By working in partnership with our customers we continue to demonstrate our integrity throughout this crisis and regularly receive strong feedback on our transparency and continuity of supply. We cannot express how much that truly means to us; as our customers safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our customers are at the heart of our business and it is always nice to receive words of gratitude about how much we mean to them, especially during such difficult times – thank you. It really helps us keep going, knowing our efforts every day are making a difference.

We are immensely proud that we are playing an important part in the world’s fight to stay safe from COVID-19 (and from every day, potentially life-threatening industrial hazards). It is humbling to have been commended for our honest approach, that we have shown continuous integrity throughout and above all that we are a safety partner our customers’ can trust - and that we all truly live, and are honoured to live, our core values and ethos of keeping people safe whilst keeping the world’s industry working.