Good hygiene practices are how, together, we will beat this virus. Here at Cromwell, we understand that keeping your site as well as your people clean, is of paramount importance to you. We have a large range of personal hygiene products from hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial hand wipes, to contact-free dispensers to help with your new, thorough hygiene regimes. Recent studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus can last over 24 hours on hard surfaces, increasing the risk of transmission and infection rates! Studies have also proven that the virus can be inactivated within minutes using disinfectants. We have an extensive range of disinfectants that will help you keep your environment clean!

For additional peace of mind, Cromwell also offer a range of thermometers to monitor staff and visitors’ temperatures as they return to work; highlighting early warnings of potential infections and allowing you to keep your people safe.

To supplement your first aid kits and your return to work practices – an infrared thermometer is now a “must have” product for any site!... Check out our range here

Please see our range of welfare products including toilet roll, kitchen roll and hygiene rolls... Shop now

Coming in a range of sizes and dispenser options, including touch free options! Sanitiser is another “must have” product on site – but don’t forget about your drivers and home workers!... Shop now