PPE is very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds, personally as well as professionally. Rest assured that Cromwell are living it’s core values of “keeping people safe” by rigorously checking certification and testing certification of all products, as we know, this is the time to choose a safety partner you can trust.

We offer a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment to help you keep you, your people, and your business safe through these unprecedented and challenging times. Choose wisely, choose safety, choose Cromwell.

To help you with hygiene measures where it can be difficult to access sanitiser or welfare facilities or simply for your tasks that require hands to be protected from liquids – we have a range of disposable gloves that are available throughout the coming months. However, please also see our reusable glove section for alternative ideas on how to keep your people safe in your environments with reusable solutions... Shop now

We can also offer a range of disposable accessories including disposable overshoes; for staff or potential visitors to use to minimise the risk of bringing the outside world in... Shop now

To assist in not touching your eyes, to protect you from other people; from a social distancing point of view, or to protect you from an industrial hazard – we have a range of eye protection to provide a solution for your safety needs... Shop now

Face coverings are fast becoming a way of life, at home and within the workplace. If a face covering is required as part of your new risk assessment, for social distancing purposes only, please see the range we can support you with. Please note – not suitable for industrial applications... Shop now

For industrial applications, where true respiratory products are needed to keep your people safe, please see our respiratory range. For a long-term cost-effective solution, take a look at the GVS range of reusable half masks, including the Intergra, which is a half mask with B impacted rated goggle attached – combining respiratory and eye protection!... Shop now

For further information on moving from disposable to reusable masks please see our information brochure here

With the global pandemic impacting the supply of disposable gloves across the world, there are many reusable glove alternatives that can provide solutions to your workplace tasks, hazards and environments. One of our key ranges of reusable gloves have the SANITIZED® coating which is effective against viruses by largely reducing the number of bacteria on the gloves surface.

Also, to limit the donning and doffing of gloves, for those that require the use of systems with screens, why not consider gloves with touch screen capabilities; they could provide an effective solution. Have a look at our full range that can help in the environment you work in, keep your people safe, and offering an alternative to disposable options... Shop now

To help remind staff about social distancing rules, check out our range of work wear that has the reminder logo’d on the back. They won’t be able to forget with these in place!... Shop now