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Competitive prices

Here at Cromwell we always want to make things easy for you, and that includes working hard to ensure our prices are competitive, so you don’t have to.

We have an in-house team proactively checking thousands of prices every day against leading competitors, such as RS online, MSC Direct and Rubix, adjusting our prices to ensure that we are giving you the very best value for money. This allows you to buy quickly, easily and with complete confidence.

Being a proud member of the WW Grainger family, the world's largest MRO supplier, we have the buying power to keep prices low to give you the best deal possible. We stock an extensive range of brands including our own exclusive brands which we source ourselves to give you great quality at low prices.

Even more offers can be found with our regular product promotions, offering you further great prices and value for money. You can find our deals on our website, or even easier, click here to receive updates from us relating to our products, offers, discounts and promotions.

Pricing partnerships adding value to your bottom line

We offer the personal touch at Cromwell, no matter how big your business. We set our trade customers up with a dedicated account manager and work closely with you to understand your needs, identify pricing solutions to put in place, including...

  • Fixed prices on your most important products, giving you budget security
  • Specific agreements for products that are not fixed price
  • Fast and easy price quotes- quickly turned around in under 4 hours for most quotes so you can get on with your busy day
  • Growth rebates based on spend
  • Discounts for large orders
  • Identifying lower cost alternative products

Our Technical teams have many years of experience and can also help identify ways to reduce your business operating costs with cost in use and piece pricing solutions. Click here link to access that expertise and help

Put simply, we are here to make your life easier with benefits which drive cost efficiency, run smoothly and save you time and effort.

Pricing set ups to suit your business

We know that every business is different, so we listen to your needs to offer you the solutions which suit you best. Our B2B website gives you pricing benefits such as:

  • Setting up budget controls, so you can avoid unnecessarily overspending
  • Restricted product lists, so you can be confident your end users are buying the right products
  • Hosting your part numbers, to ensure you're buying your agreed products at the right prices

We can also work with your own procurement systems to create bespoke punchout solutions and EDI, providing you with even more time and cost savings.

To set up these pricing benefits,please speak with your Account Manager. If you're not yet a trade customer, come and join us so we can make purchasing for your business as easy and simple as possible.

Click here to find out more about setting up a trade account