Spring Cleaning

With COVID-19 still around and although vaccinations are helping us in the fight against Covid 19, keeping your premises clean is paramount for the safety of your employees and visitors. Regularly using the correct cleaning products is critical to prevent viruses and for the hygiene of your premises, plus the health and safety of everyone, and can also provide increased confidence in your business.

HSE Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. Regulation 9. Cleanliness and waste materials state; - Every workplace and the furniture, furnishings and fittings therein shall be kept sufficiently clean. The surfaces of the floors, walls and ceilings of all workplaces inside buildings shall be capable of being kept sufficiently clean.

Whether it’s a cleaner, disinfectant or mop, we have the appropriate product to keep your premises, yourself and others clean and safe. Our qualified Technical Safety Team are always available to help and support with advice on our range of cleaning products, so feel free to ask our experts.