Crimping Tools

A vital member of any electrician's toolbox, a crimp tool provides a strong seal when attaching connectors to any kind of wiring or cabling.
Cromwell stocks an extensive range of quality crimp tools, supplied from trusted brands used by professionals around the world.

What are crimp tools?
Crimp tools are a range of handheld devices that can join components by crimping (compressing) them together. This is known as 'cold welding' - opposed to hot welding that uses heat, cold welding uses pressure to create a seal that is not easily broken.
Crimping tools look similar to pliers or wire strippers in form, and many crimp tools are designed to provide similar functions. Alongside crimping, certain crimp tools can cut, bend, strip, and grip certain objects.

Why crimp tools?
Crimp tools are specifically designed for crimping, which makes them a must-have when working with certain connectors. Electricians use them to attach various connectors to the ends of wires and cables.
They are known for creating strong holds and powerful seals in all kinds of wiring applications. When used properly, crimp tools create seals impermeable to moisture, air, and corrosion.

When are crimp tools used?
Electricians need to create strong seals to keep circuits clean and insulated. This is why crimp tools are a vital component to the toolkit of any electrician, engineer, mechanic, or maintenance worker, who commonly use crimp tools for:
• Replacing, installing, or removing wiring
• Fixing wires when soldering is not an option
• Fixing wiring systems to other wires, components, or accessories
• Attaching all kinds of connectors to wires

If you're looking for the best crimp tool for your applications, feel free to ask our experts for specialised, impartial advice.

Types of crimp tools
When choosing a crimp tool, it can be hard to know what type is right for you. Here are a few of the most common types available:
• Handheld crimp tool - Handheld crimp tools are the most common type available. They look and function similarly to pliers, and do not require external power to operate.
• Electric crimp tool - Electric crimp tools are battery or mains operated to help ease the burden on the user when performing heavy-duty crimping work.
• Hydraulic crimp tool - Similar in function to electric crimp tools, hydraulic crimp tools are powered by a hydraulic fluid system and require next to no physical effort to operate. This makes them ideal for heavy duty applications.
• Pneumatic crimp tool - The most powerful type of crimp tool available, pneumatic crimp tools bring serious force to the most demanding applications. They are available as handheld or as heavy-duty bench-mounted models.
• Hammer crimp tool - Hammer crimp tools are more compact than regular crimp tools. This is because, instead of handles, users must hit the tool with a hammer to apply pressure.