An integral part of grease guns, grease gun connectors come in many variations, suitable for different applications. Cromwell stocks a wide range of grease gun connectors with brands like Stephens and our own brand Kennedy, so you'll be sure to find the right grease gun connector you require.

What are grease gun connectors?

Essentially grease gun connectors, also know as grease gun couplers link the hose or extension to the grease fitting head. They allow the gun to then dispense the lubricant. They are integral to lubrication systems and come in a variety of types and sizes to accommodate the correct fitting to the lubrication system being used.

How do grease gun connectors work?

Every type of grease gun connector has a female or SAE standard thread. This connects the hose or extension to the coupler and are a standard size compatible with all grease guns. The opposite end is fitted to the head of the grease nipple which holds the connector securely. The connector contains jaws typically three or four sealing the fitting and allowing grease to be pumped through from the grease gun.

Types of grease gun connector

There are various types of grease gun connector, below are the most common types available as well as their features and benefits.

• Hydraulic - These are the most common type of grease gun connector and usually come with a new grease gun as part of the package. They are cylindrical in shape and feature jaws to seal the grease fitting head.

• Standard button head - Standard button head couplers are compatible with standard button head grease fittings and feature steel or rubber inserts.

• Giant button head - These connectors are used to grease giant button head fittings and feature rubber or steel inserts.

• Metric button head - Designed to grease metric button head fittings, these connectors feature a smaller clearance than traditional couplers providing a tighter seal.

Considerations when choosing a grease gun connector

The type of grease head fitting - Standard fittings will require a standard coupler, whereas button head fittings require a button head coupler.

The size of the grease head fitting - Ensure that the sizing of the coupler is compatible with the sizing of the grease head fitting.


Why does my grease gun get stuck in the fitting?

This can be a problem caused by clogged zerk fittings inhibit the grease pass through causing a pressure build up. Unscrewing the hose is a way to relase the pressure and release the fitting. You can then clean out the zerk using a solvent.