Magnetic Stands

In order to obtain the most accurate reading possible from a dial test indicator, users will need a magnetic base, otherwise known as a DTI stand.

Cromwell stocks a varied range of DTI stands from trusted brands such as Mitutoyo®, Oxford®, Eclipse Magnetics®, and more.

What are DTI stands?

Dial test indicators are a hugely convenient tool commonly used for building, fixing and calibrating machines. It is used for making extremely fine measurements that can indicate whether machines have been built or calibrated correctly.

In order to achieve the most accurate measurements possible with a DTI gauge, a magnetic base is needed to hold the gauge steady. DTI stands consist of long, crane-like appendages that can be attached to any metallic surface thanks to a strong magnetic base.

Why a DTI stand?

Dial test indicators can provide highly accurate readings in imperial (in) or metric (mm) measurements.

To ensure measurements are consistent and precise, a DTI stand allows users to hold the gauge firmly in place, allowing for minute and calculated adjustments to the position of the gauge. This results in consistent and repeatable measurements, minimising user error and inaccuracy.

When are DTI stands used?

Mechanical engineers and professionals who work in quality assurance value a strong, sturdy, and reliable DTI stand to ensure tool and equipment alignment with upmost precision. DTI indicators (and therefore, DTI stands) are commonly used for:

• Lathe Work - Having an accurate measuring device alongside a strong, precise stand allows engineers to position work in the lathe chuck with pinpoint accuracy.
• Vice Calibration - DTI gauges with a good stand are vital when it comes to setting up vices, as they ensure the jaw is square with the travel of the vice.
These are two of the most common measuring applications in which a DTI stand is required. If you need help picking the right DTI stand for your usage, click here to ask our experts for personalised advice.

Considerations when choosing a DTI stand

• Magnetic pull - DTI stands with magnetic bases can be bought with a range of magnetic pulls. This defines how strong the stand will magnetically attach to the worksurface - a greater pull will result in less accidental movement but will be easier to re-adjust if necessary.
• Base size - DTI stands have a range of base sizes to fit comfortably on machines and equipment. The larger the base the more secure the attachment, however some applications require a smaller base size to fit easily on small machines and equipment.
• Lever type - DTI stands allow for precise movement of the DTI gauge, however there are various lever types that perform this adjustment. Some levers allow for more minute, precise movement however others are designed for quick, easy, and frequent adjustment. Consider the best type of lever for your applications when buying a DTI stand.