Baby Furniture

We have various baby furniture items to suit the guests needs, from strong, durable baby changing stations to comfortable and sanitary highchairs. Find a practical solution to keeping your washroom hygienic, such as a Rubbermaid® baby changing station, one of the leading brands of facility management environments. If you are looking for a sturdy highchair so that a user's child can be comfy and content in a catering setting, these highchairs will be perfect for you!

What are baby changing stations and highchairs?

Baby changing stations are used to clean a child's nappy or mess up by a parent or carer in a secure and safe environment, ensuring that any visitors to the facilities are catered for.
Highchairs are a seat raised a fair distance from the ground, allowing parents or carers to feed their babies or young toddlers safely and hygienically.

Why baby changing stations and highchairs?

Baby changing stations are easy to use and allow you to adjust the height, so it is most comfortable for your guest's needs. There are also safety adjustable straps to keep the baby safe and in place which stops babies from crawling or moving anywhere. These stations maximise space and allow the user to hold their belongings (as well as the baby), rather than being on the floor which can be inconvenient and unhygienic.
Highchairs are perfect for babies up to around 2 years old, providing the support they need to sit up on their own whilst being fed. They are designed to allow trays to be easily fit to the highchairs, making it easier to clean when removed.

When are baby changing stations and highchairs used?

Although it is not a legal requirement, baby changing stations are a great bonus to any business as it enables all visitors a convenient, clean, and safe amenity that could make parents and carers return to your business again and again.
Highchairs are essential for restaurants or catering environments where families have babies or young toddlers visiting that may need feeding.

Considerations when choosing a baby changing station or highchair

• Orientation - Vertical baby changing stations are better for when the space for installation is narrower. Horizontal baby changing stations allow maximum freedom of movement around the open table.

• Safety - Safety is important when trying to meet the users needs, which is why highchairs come with adjustable harnesses. Baby changing stations should normally include an adjustable safety belt and should meet global safety standards.

• Baby's Weight - Although most baby changing stations and highchairs are quite strong and sturdy, they are designed to withstand a certain weight limit (usually 15-18kg).

• Colour - although not necessarily important for its use, most baby changing stations and highchairs come in either grey, white or black

• Extras - Baby changing stations often come with convenient hooks to hold a nappy bag securely or dispensers for liners. Also, highchairs do not aways include the tray which can be bought separately.


*Is a baby changing station or highchair legally required? *

Currently there is no legal requirement in the UK to offer a baby changing unit in public washrooms or highchairs in catering environments. However, adding these to your facilities or business could mean that parents and carers are more likely to visit your business again and more likely to spend more time on the premises.

*How do you prepare for installing a baby changing station? *

Before you start installing the station, check the product once it is received for any faults or defects. Before mounting anything to any wall, you should check if it is a suitable, load bearing wall that can handle the weight limit load. Always make sure that the unit has been cleaned prior to installation to ensure maximum standards of hygiene. To fix the unit to the wall, installation guides can vary depending on the make and model of the unit so it's important to read any instructions that come with the product.