Desk Tidy

Keep your paperwork and stationery tidy and easy to access with desk organisers from Cromwell. We stop a wide range of organisers, including letter tray sets, pen organisers and more. We want to offer our customers high quality and value for money, so we carefully choose products from top brands, like Q connect®, Cep®, Offis®, Avery Dennison® and Fellowes®.

What are desk organisers?

Desk organisers are essentially tidy storage for your desktop. Made in a range of configurations and materials, they include smaller, basket-like containers used to store frequently used pens, pencils, paperclips and so on, or letter tray sets that allow for paperwork to be organised for easy access

Why buy desk organisers?

A tidy and well-organised workspace allows for a user to work effectively, keeping frequently used supplies close at hand.

Desk organiser types

Minimalists would argue that a completely clear desk is perfect. However, not everyone can work with limited access to supplies. For those people, there is a range of desktop organisers to choose from...

Desk tidy   -   These multi-tube designs have long been used to store small stationery items close at hand. Typically made from durable plastic, they're a favourite for most office desks.

Desk drawer organiser   -   Designed to fit snugly in a desk drawer, these moulded organisers provide divided space for smaller stationery items like pens, staples, paperclips and so on.

Pen pot   -   These are the most basic of storage items, and everyone has had one at some point in their lives. Made from a variety of materials, pen pots are simply a pot to keep your pens in.

Letter holder   -   Usually made with metal for strength, letter holders feature a variety of slots to store different sized letters to send for posting.

Paper trays   -   Available in a range of materials, paper trays can be modular allowing for additional trays to be added, or pre-moulded for set storage.

Machine organiser drawers   -   Typically made from durable plastic, these organisers support office machines such as printers, with room for paper and labels stored below in drawers to keep everything together.

Considerations when choosing desk organisers

Supplies - decide on the items you most frequently use and want to keep within reach on your desk before shopping. That way you can shop for your needs rather than trying to fit around storage you've already purchased.

Tray sets - you can buy letter tray sets in pre-moulded variants or in modular options. If opting for modular, try and keep your trays to a minimum. It can be tempting to have as many trays as possible that will safely stack on your desk, but this can encourage bad habits and allow paperwork that should be filed to be stored for longer than needed.

Positioning - Divide your workspace into two halves and keep the items you use most regularly on the side of your dominant hand.


How can I add storage to my desk?

Storage is an important part in establishing an easy-to-use workspace. There are many approaches to adding storage to a new desk, and we've outlined a few of the best below:

• Under desk filing cabinet - typically furnished with three drawers, a dedicated filing cabinet for organised documents can be really handy. For those who like a minimal desk set-up, the top two drawers are a great space to store stationery of various sizes.
• Paper trays - even though modern work is mainly digital, there are still odd sheets of paperwork to be actioned. The most minimal of paper trays can feature an 'In' section and an 'Out' section to keep workflows separated.
• A desk tidy - simple, but effective, the humble desk tidy is a staple for most office desks. Featuring multiple sections and sometimes small drawers, they're ideal for quick store stationery solutions.

What makes a good desk organiser?

Desk organisers should be a functional addition to your desk. They must be adaptable since no one person works in the same way and must be large enough to store the items used most frequently, but small enough not to overcrowd a desk.