Diaries & Planners

Diaries and planners are essential pieces of office stationery helping people to keep organised. Cromwell stocks a range of planners and diaries in our selection of office supplies and essentials and with names like Sasco and Qconnect you can be assured of quality at an affordable price.

What are diaries and planners?

Both diaries and planners are organisational tools for both personal and professional life. They are useful for remembering important dates and scheduling in important work events like meetings. Usually they come in a book or notepad form with dates and times already printed to make organisation easier, however there are some other designs that are designed to be mounted on display boards or desktops for easy access.

Why dairies and planners?

Day to day life, especially professional life can be filled with tasks that need completing, dates to remember and important meetings. Trying to remember them all is tricky at the best of times and unless you write them down chances are something important is bound to slip through the cracks. Dairies and planners help you plan and schedule items of importance, as well as giving you a reference to refer back to if needed.

Types of dairies and planners

Diary - These are either hardback or paperback and feature dated pages. They are used to log daily events.

Journal - These tend to be either hard or paperback books, dated for the year in question. Each page represents a date in the year, with space to jot down information.

Year planner - These resemble a calendar, except the entire year is displayed on a single page. They are designed to mark important events throughout the year, giving you a sound overview of important dates.

Considerations when choosing a diary or a planner

Size - Do you need space to merely note key dates or do you need space to write detailed notes?

Personal or display? - Do you require a personal planner for your own reference or do other people require access to the planner?


Do I need a journal or a planner?

If you need space to scribble notes then a journal is probably better suited to your needs. If you need a space to note appointments and events, then a planner is probably a better choice.