Envelopes and mailing bags come in various types and are suitable for a wide range of items, ready for delivery. Cromwell stock a wide range of envelopes, mailing bags and packaging, from well known brands like Jiffy and Avon as well as a host of others. With a varied range to chose from you will be sure to find the right mailing packaging for your application at affordable prices.

What are envelopes and mailing bags?

Envelopes are typically comprised of a flat thin paper construction, designed to house a document or letter inside. They come in a few variations traditional, which is the standard envelope that we all think of and window envelopes, which contain a transparent piece of plastic or window allowing the address printed on the document or letter to show, negating the need to manually add the address to the rear of the envelope. Padded envelopes contain plastic air filled padding such as bubble wrap and are used to contain items that might be fragile in nature, hence the padding.

Mailing bags are come in a range of sizes and are often used to house parcels. The address is added via the use of a transparent document wallet that seals the invoice inside safely for transportation, with the delivery address exposed, making it readable for delivery and mail personnel.

Why envelopes and mailbags?

Envelopes and mailbags are primarily used to protect the integrity and security of the item being mailed. In the case of documents, the envelope seals the item inside away from prying eyes, if tampered with it is easy to tell with a paper envelope. Mail bags likewise serve a similar purpose, one sealed the only way to open the parcel is to tear the bag open which would indicate the item being tampered with.

Types of envelopes and mail bags

Standard envelopes - Thin, flat and made from paper these envelopes, have a fold over flap that when moistened activates the adhesive sealing the document inside.

Self-sealing envelopes - Much like a standard envelope except the adhesive strip is covered with a protective sheet, one removed the adhesive strip can be simply pressed down to seal in the item.

Window envelopes - These feature a clear plastic window that allows the address printed on the document to be read by the postal staff.

Padded mailers - The term 'Jiffy Bag' is sometimes used to describe these types fo padded envelopes, although 'Jiffy' is a brand name. Never the less these lightweight mailers are ideal for posting fragile lightweight items and the inner part of the envelope contains a protective bubble layer.

Poly-bags - These types of mail bags come in a range of sizes, from small to the very large, depending on the size of item you are posting. Their flexible lightweight nature allows you to fold the bag to fit the item contained within. Their plastic construction also means that they offer a good deal of protection from water, keeping your items dry and sealed inside.

Considerations when choosing an envelope or mail bag

The size of the letter/parcel - Both envelopes and mailing bags come in a range of sizes, so ensuring the right size for the item or as close to as possible is key, not only for aesthetic and protection purposes, but also to avoid unnecessary postage costs.

The fragility of the parcel - In the case of fragile items bubble padding or similar should be used to protect the contents from damage during transit. Some mailers like Jiffy bags already come with padding inside, however in the case of polythene bags, you may need to first place the item in a bubble bag or wrap, before placing it inside the mail bag.


Are windowed envelopes more secure than standard?

Windowed envelopes usually come lined with a security tint which helps prevent anyone being able to read the contents of the envelope through it in the right lighting.