Foldback & Bulldog Clips

Bulldog clips are designed as a temporary bind for sheet of paper together or pin them to a clip board. Cromwell stock a range of bulldog and foldback clips from brands like Qconnect and Rapesco®

What are bulldog and foldback clips?

Whilst differing in appearance both bulldog and foldback clips operate much the same way. They utilise a sprung metal head with two handles that force the jaws open against the tension of the spring and when released allow the jaws to clamp down on the paper or board needing to be held.

Types of bulldog and foldback clips

Bulldog - These feature sprung metal cylindrical jaws and two flat handles that are used to force the jaws open.

Foldback - These feature handles that fold back creating the leverage to force the jaws open.

Considerations when choosing bulldog and foldback clips

Attachment to a clipboard - Typically bulldog clips are the preferred choice for clipboards, whereas foldback clips offer a greater capacity for holding paper.