Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are a common desktop accessory and Cromwell stock a wide range of mousepads, from brands like Fellowes, Qconnect and Kensington, in our range of office essentials, so you'll always be assured of quality at an affordable price.

What are mouse pad?

Mouse mats are designed to provide a responsive surface for computer mice to operate on. They can either be soft or hard depending on the requirement. Some feature cushioned wrist rests designed to combat the effects of RSI and carpal tunnel, which can be a common ailment when operating computers for extended periods of time.

Types of mouse pad

Soft - These types of mouse mats offer smooth movement and offer soft cushioning, making them useful for school or office comfort.

Hard - Hard mouse mats offer greater responses for optical mice. This makes them especially useful for digital design and gaming.

Considerations when choosing a mouse pad

Application - Tasks like designing and other work that requires precision might better benefit from a hard mouse mat as optical mice are more responsive on a hard surface.

Comfort - If you're palling to be operating a mouse all day everyday then some kind of wrist support is advisable. May mouse pads come with a cushioned rest for wrists helping reduce the risk of RSI.

The type of mouse - Optical mice work better on hard flat surfaces, whereas rollerball work beeter on smooth softer surfaces.