Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have become an office staple. With a wide range of uses, from highlighting important documents, to using around the home or for studying. Cromwell has a range of sticky notes in a range of sizes and colours for all your needs. With brands such as Post-it, Offis and Q Connect.
##What are Sticky notes
A sticky note is a small piece of re-positional paper for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces without leaving a residue. Available in a selection of colours and sizes
##Why Sticky Notes?
Sticky notes are re-positional and leaves no adhesive residue. They are easy to write on, invaluable for messages and notes. Available in a choice of sizes and vibrant colours for excellent visibility.
##Types of Sticky notes
Cube - Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, they have low tack adhesion, enabling them to be stuck down, removed and re-stuck to almost any surface without leaving a mark
Tabs - ideal for marking, tabbing, highlighting and colour coding all your important documents

##Considerations when choosing a Sticky Note
• What size of sticky note you need for the job required
• Choose your colour of sticky note to make sure it stands out
• How many sticky notes are needed and are there enough in the pack