Storage Units & Trays

Browse our choice of storage trays and units online now at Cromwell. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, our robust storage trays deliver strong and reliable storage to keep your workplace tidy and organised.

What are plastic storage trays?

Plastic storage trays are typically made from durable polypropylene and are ideal for storing a wide range of items thanks to their different sizes. Often used in conjunction with a storage tray unit, these convenient trays make for easy access to items such as paperwork and stationery.

Why buy plastic storage trays?

Dedicated storage is a requirement of all busy workplaces. The ability to tidy and organise regularly used items is an essential requirement for a productive working environment.

When are plastic storage trays used?

Used widely in schools for books and paperwork, plastic storage trays also feature heavily in commercial and office settings where paperwork and small components need to be stored and easily retrieved for productive day to day working.

Plastic storage tray types

Plastic storage trays are available in a wide range of colours to suit business branding or colour coding schemes. They typically feature a section for labelling and are shaped to fit inside a shelving unit should multiple trays be required.

Deep trays  -   Typically used for storing components, such as chargers and leads, deep trays allow for the storage and access of larger items.

Shallow trays  -   Ideal for paperwork or general office supplies, a shallow tray makes storage and access a simple process.

Jumbo trays  -   Usually twice the depth of a deep tray, these are ideal for the storage of much larger items.


Can plastic trays be recycled?

Polypropylene trays are widely recycled, either in doorstep collections or at local tips, so broken trays can go back into the system to be reused as something else.