Storing & Archiving

Storing and archiving is the act of moving important documents that are no longer current, but may still have some importance to the organisation, such as in the case of compliance and legal documentation, into storage. Crowell stock a range of archiving and storage solutions to help ensure your important documentation is kept safe and orderly.

Why storing and archiving?

Documentation that is no longer needed takes up space for that, which is still relevant. However, if the documentation relates to legal or compliance with regulations etc, then simply disposing of it is not ideal as you maybe needed to call upon the information later on down the line. In this case archiving the information is necessary.

Types of storage and archiving boxes

Archive boxes - These boxes are designed for archiving documents, they feature an easy to assemble design and placements for easy labelling, so you can recover them efficiently if needed.

Transfer cases - Sometimes referred to as a bankers box these cases are ideal for storing paperwork, these can be easily labelled to mark the contents.

Considerations when choosing storage and archiving boxes

The size of the documents - In the case of transfer cases, these are typically sized to house A4 documents. Storage boxes are a little larger and have more storage space for items like folders and ring-binders.


What can archive boxes be used for?
Archive boxes can be used to store items like important papers, artworks, collectibles, genealogical records and documents.