Sugar & Sweeteners

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What are sugar & sweeteners?

Also known as granulated sugar, table sugar and sucrose, sugar is derived from sugar cane and sweet beets. It's a simple carbohydrate that is high in calories and commonly used in drinks, desserts, and baked goods, like cakes and pies.

A sugar substitute, sweeteners are sugar-free and have fewer calories than sugar. Most sweeteners get their sweet taste from synthetic chemicals, while others are derived from plants and herbs which have little calories or sugar and are a more natural option.

Why buy sugar & sweetener?

Since its discovery, sugar has been big business. And although a few of us avoid it, its likely that at least some of your employees, guests and visitors would like a drop or two in their tea.

Sugar & sweetener types

There are plenty of options when it comes to sugar and sweeteners. It can be bought in granules, cubes or lumps, powders, and tablets. It's available in bulk packs or sachets and little dispensers that fit into your bag or pocket...


Unrefined brown sugar   -   Subjected to the least processing, unrefined brown sugar retains much of its molasses, which is why it's a darker shade of brown.

Refined brown sugar   -   This type of brown sugar is processed the same as white. However, some of the molasses content lost during its refinement is added back to slightly alter the taste and colour.

White sugar   -   This granulated sugar is supplied in its fully processed and refined form.


Artificial sweeteners   -   These are prepared in laboratory conditions and have no nutrients, calories, or sugar content.

Sugar alcohols   -   Also created synthetically, sugar alcohols are derived from sugar and are used as additives in a wide range of processed foods and drinks.

Novel sweeteners   -   These sweeteners are plant-derived and contain very small amounts of calories or natural sugar. They undergo minimal processing and are a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Considerations when choosing sugar & sweetener

Calories - if you're looking to reduce calories from tea and coffee, take a look at the nutritional information before purchase.

Preference - personal preference wins every time, with some disliking the taste of sweeteners over sugar.


What's the healthiest sugar or sweetener I can use?

While we would never suggest that any form of sugar or sweetener is healthy, we can advise on the best option for health. And that is a sweetener called Stevia. Derived from the stevia plant, this sweetener falls under the novel sweetener category and has zero calories. There are now many variations of it on the market, some more processed than others. We recommend checking the nutritional contents before purchase and choosing the least processed with the lowest amount of erythritol.

Are artificial sweeteners regulated?

Artificial sweeteners are regulated by the FDA and are not allowed in food and drink for infants under twelve months, and children between the ages of one and three. High-intensity sweeteners for use as food additives are subject to a review by the FDA before they're allowed on the shelves unless they're specifically intended for use as a sweetener.