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PROTECTA® Comfort Belt Style 4-Point Fall Arrest Harnesses

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These comfort belt style 4-point arrest harnesses from 3M™ keep wearers safe and secure when working at height. The safe and conveniently placed front D-ring helps you stay balanced and centred and a robust and durable belt provides easy tool-bag carrying. Suitable industries for use include automotive, construction, general industry, general manufacturing, metal fabrication, mining and transportation.

Features and benefits
-Pass through buckles
-Rear fall arrest D-ring
-1x sternal fall arrest D-ring
-2x work positioning D-rings
-Comfort belt
-Robust hip pad
-Constructed from stain and water resistant webbing
-Auto-resetting lanyard keeper allows easy parking and release of snap hooks and carabiners
-Impact indicators allows the harness to be easily inspected for damage
-Anchorage points are clear and easily identified
-Covered identification labels help protect important information for the life of the harness