Heat Gun Accessories

Cromwell's varied range of heat gun accessories are designed to enhance and add versatility to your heat gun. Here's a comprehensive guide detailing the types of heat gun accessories and nozzles, when they're used, and the key considerations to keep in mind when purchasing heat gun accessories.
Cromwell stocks a large range of quality blow guns and nozzles, available in a variety of styles and configurations to suit any job.

What are heat gun accessories?

Heat guns are handheld power tools that utilise a stream of hot air to concentrate heat onto a targeted area, part, or surface. Most heat guns are capable of heating to temperatures between 100°C - 700°C, depending on the model you buy.

Heat gun accessories, including hot air gun nozzles, can vastly increase the number of ways users can apply this heat, and some industries require heat guns to be specifically adapted to the job at hand to avoid damage or injury.

When are heat gun accessories used?

Heat guns are used across a range of industries and hobbies, from electrical engineering to decorating, and even arts and crafts.

• Sealing

• Insulation

• Cable termination

• Removing wallpaper

• Shrink wrapping

• Paint drying

• Computer repairs

• Glue / adhesive softening

• Loosening rusty or stuck bolts

• Restoring plastic trim on cars and bikes

Heat gun accessories can help users manipulate and utilise the hot air in different ways, for example:

• Directing heat all around a pipe for easy bending

• Incorporating welding rods into the nozzle for welding plastic

• Directing heat away from glass when window stripping

• Shrink or expand the flow of heat, for either greater heat precision or a larger surface area

Types of heat gun accessories

With most heat guns utilising a similar design, your main choice lies within the accessories you buy for your blow gun - specifically the nozzles. Different nozzles direct the hot air in different ways, with each being suited to a particular type of task.

• Reducer nozzle - Reducer nozzles are used to direct heat with greater precision. This makes them excellent at heating smaller parts of a surface, without damaging adjacent parts. Reducer nozzles are often used for jobs like welding printing plates.

• Reflector nozzle - Reflector nozzles can direct heat to the whole radius of a pipe. This makes them great for applying heat shrink tubing, soldering copper pipes, and bending plastic tubes without causing cracks or damage.

• Surface nozzle - Surface nozzles blow the hot air across a wider surface. They are typically used to strip paint and remove floor coverings, amongst other things.

• Window nozzle - Similar to surface nozzles but with a greater degree of protection, window nozzles are used to deflect heat from sensitive materials such as glass when stripping window frames.

• Feed roller - Feed rollers are standalone devices used alongside a heat gun for edge banding and welding PVC.

If you're looking for personalised recommendations on the right type of heat gun accessories for your jobs or applications, ask our experts for specialised advice.

Considerations when buying heat gun accessories

• Size - Once you've decided on the right type of nozzles for your job, it's important to get the nozzle size right. For example, reduction nozzles are typically available in 9mm, 14mm, and 20mm widths - the width you choose depends on how concentrated you want the heat to be, and how much air you want to flow through the nozzle.


Which heat gun nozzle for plastic welding?

Specialised heat gun welding nozzles are available that have an opening to feed plastic welding wire through the nozzle. This enables your heat gun to perform plastic welding with ease.