Key Fobs & Key Reels

#Key Fobs & Key Reels
Key Fobs are a useful way to organise keys by colour coding and identification. Key reels keep keys together on an extendable cord for easy access. Cromwell supplies a wide range of both from brands such as Durable, Helix, Matlock and Qconnect.
##What are Key Fobs & Key Reels
Key fobs are for key identification, in a wide range of colours and have an inset to write the identification of the key. Key reels are also known as retractable keyrings and are on an extendable cord for ease of use.
##Why a Key Fob or a Key Reel
Key fobs are used to identify keys, as their bright colours make them easily visible. They usually have a card insert which can be used to add the key identification. Key reels are primarily used in pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants for key management. They can also be used for attaching ID passes or security passes for the workplace.
##Types of Key Fobs & Key Reels
Key Fob - Brightly coloured plastic key ring used to identify and organise keys.
Key Reel - Used for key management on an extendable cord, to be worn on the person when in use.
##Considerations when choosing a Key Fob & Key Reel
• End use - if there are several keys that need identifying, a key fob would suit this need. If there are a few keys that are to be always at hand, then a key reel would suit this job.