Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly has had many uses in its long and illustrious career since first being marketed in 1859. Cromwell stock a range of petroleum jellies from market leading brands like Vaseline® so you'll be sure to find quality products at affordable prices.

What Is petroleum jelly?

As its name suggests petroleum jelly's main ingredient is petroleum which can be used to seal skin with a water protective barrier. It can be used to heal, minor scrapes and cuts, as well as moisturising skin.

Why petroleum jelly?

Because of it's makeup, petroleum jelly acts as a sealing agent around minor injuries, helping to keep water and debris out for effective healing. It can also be applied as a lubricant for items like door hinges.

Petroleum jelly uses

Petroleum jelly typically comes in small tubs, and whilst it can sometimes be branded for example in the case of Vaseline®, it is typically similar, however the uses for petroleum jelly are varied and are listed below.

Heal minor scrapes and cuts - Because of its barrier effects petroleum jelly can be applied to minor injuries like cuts and scrapes to help keep water and dirt out. Be sure to disinfect the area properly beforehand as if dirt is sealed in it could delay the healing process and potentially cause infection.

Moisturiser - Uses include face and hand moisturiser for dry and or chapped skin.

Lubricant - Petroleum jelly can be used as a lubricant to remove stuck personal items like rings, it can also be applied to door hinges.

Considerations when choosing petroleum jelly

Suitability for application - Whilst petroleum jelly has many uses it isn't suitable for everything. When treating minor burns or sunburn the jelly will trap heat into the skin which can cause further irritation and even infection. Also, petroleum jelly should not be ingested or used internally.


Does petroleum jelly expire?

Petroleum jelly contains no active ingredients and so can take a long time to go off if unopened. Opened tubs may degrade faster due to their exposure to oxygen.

Is petroleum jelly flammable?

In short no, petroleum jelly is not flammable as it takes a temperature of around 160 degrees Fahrenheit for it to catch fire.