Safes, Cash Boxes & Drawers

Keep petty cash and other business valuables protected with a safe or cashbox from Cromwell. We stock a wide selection of secure storage solutions, including electronic and mechanical keyed safes, and cashboxes in a range of sizes. Choose from high-quality suppliers, like Phoenix Safe®, Cathedral®, Master Lock®, Q-Connect® and Matlock®.

What are safes & cashboxes?

Safes and cashboxes provide secure lockable protection for items of value and money. While cashboxes are portable with an external handle for easy transport, a safe can be mounted into a wall or bolted in place for enhanced security.

Why buy safes & cashboxes?

A cashbox will keep petty cash secure, but easily accessible by authorised persons. While safes will secure high-value items such as jewellery, large amounts of cash and bonds against burglary or fire.

Where are safes & cashboxes used?

Safes can often be found on commercial premises, like jewellers and are often bought for domestic storage. Personal safes can be fitted into offices, while security vehicles used for the transport of takings from a business to the bank will be fitted with an integrated safe.

Safe & cashbox types

When storing valuables at home or in the workplace, lockable storage will put your mind at ease...


Keylock cashbox   -   Secured using a key to lock the box, this type of cashbox is security light.

Combination cashbox   -   This type of cashbox is often made of thicker, more durable material than the keylock versions and uses a three-digit combination code to gain access.


Digital safe   -   This type of safe is often battery or mains powered and requires a pin code to open the electronic combination lock.

Mechanical keyed safe   -   Keyed safes utilise double locking bolts and concealed hinges to protect against theft.

Fireproof safe   -   Constructed with steel double walls with a fire-resistant cavity filler, this type of safe typically incorporates high-security features to protect valuables worth £15k plus.

Considerations when choosing safes & cashboxes

Size - check what and how much you want to store before choosing a size that will accommodate.

Lock type - choose a locking mechanism based on the value of items or cash you'll be storing.

Resistance features - check the resistance features and their benefits and decide what is the most important to you. These products are available in fire-resistant, burglary-resistant, and water-resistant forms.


How secure are cash boxes?

Cash boxes are typically made in various grades of steel with an enamel finish to provide a tamper-proof solution to petty cash storage. However, some models are made with denser steel than others, so it doesn't hurt to check with the supplier to make sure your cash box will provide the security you want.

How do you open a digital safe if you forgot the code?

Typically, digital safes are supplied with an emergency key to open the safe if you forget the code or have a battery-powered version that has gone flat. Other types of digital safes however, feature fingerprint scanners and backup codes to prevent the need for an emergency key.