Air Fresheners

Cleaning a room is one thing, but the right air fresheners ensure the room smells good too. With a large array of fragrances to pick from, Cromwell has the ideal products for any environment.

Cromwell stocks a wide range of air fresheners and air freshener refills, perfect for adding a pleasant aroma to any room - whether in the office or at home.

What are air fresheners

Air fresheners come in a variety of types, containers, and sizes, but they all have the same basic function - make the room smell pleasant.

They work by neutralising unpleasant odours, and replacing those odours with a fresh, pleasant smell.

Why air fresheners

Air fresheners are a cost effective way to instantly improve the ambiance and environment of any room. By removing bad odours, users can instantly improve the quality of any room with the right air freshener.

Types of air freshener

Aerosol - Aerosols offer a quick burst of fragrance, ideal for manually covering up unpleasant smells in a hurry.

Gel blocks - Gel blocks provide a continuous, low-intensity fragrance over a long period of time. Ideal for maintaining fragrance over time.

Plug-ins - Similar in functionality to gel blocks, but much stronger and more noticeable. Most plug-ins require an electric socket to use, can be timed to release bursts of fragrance, and must be refilled over time. Cromwell stocks a range of air freshener refills for your plug-ins.

Considerations when choosing an air freshener

Fragrance - There are a number of different fragrances available, and they are completely dependent on personal preference. A more subtle, clean-smelling fragrance may be suitable for shared spaces, such as offices. Homes and personal spaces can accommodate a more personalised fragrance.

Size - Aerosols come in a range of sizes, with larger aerosol air fresheners lasting longer.


Are air fresheners good for you?
Air freshers, especially aerosol air fresheners, can be toxic when used irresponsibly in confined spaces. Ensure rooms are well ventilated before using aerosol air fresheners.