Drill Sets

Discover our wide selection of jobber drill sets online now. Available in a choice of sizes and types, our drill bit collections are made from high-quality materials for use in a range of heavy-duty applications.

We stock drill bit sets from market-leading brands like SwissTech®, Senator®, Cleveland® and our own brand, Sherwood® to give you a reliable collection of drill bits for any task.

What are drill bit sets?

Drill bit sets feature a wide selection of drill bits in a neat storage case.

Why drill bit sets?

Drill bit sets offer flexibility and convenience on a job. While some offer a range of material specific sizes, others supply a mix of drill bit types so you'll always have just the tools you need.

Drill bit set types

There's a range of drill bit sets on the market to choose from, including combination sets that cover a variety of materials, and material specific sets that provide multiple sizes for drilling timber for example. Here we've outlined a few of the most common drill bits to give you an idea of what's available.

Auger   -   Used to drill wood this drill bit is self-centring

Countersink   -   Designed to create a dip in wood or plastic above a drilled hole, countersink bits allow a fastener to sit flush with the surface of a workpiece.

Flat   -   Used for drilling large holes in wood, this drill bit has a large, flat head with a central point. Often used for making bolt holes, these bits provide a flat based hole

Masonry   -   Used widely in building, this type of drill bit drills into brick, stone, concrete and more

Multipurpose   -   These drill bits are designed for use on a wide range of materials, including wood, ceramic, masonry and more

Tile   -   Designed for drilling through ceramic tiles, this drill bit resembles a spear

Twist   -   Suitable for drilling a wide range of materials, these drill bits are popular with DIYers

Spur   -   Featuring a pointed tip with a spur on either side, these drill bits are used for cutting holes for dowels. The tip self-centres the cut, while the two spurs keep the drill straight for a smooth, straight finish.

Considerations when choosing drill bit sets

Material - the material you most frequently work with is the best way to decide on the set you'll use most.

Shank type - the shape of the shank, straight, hex, round etc will dictate the jobber drill the bit will fit into.

Bit type - the bit type defines the shape of the flutes, point and spur. These shapes govern the type of materials each drill bit is compatible with.

Length - jobber drill sets designed for specific materials are often supplied in a range of lengths to suit all tasks, while combination sets may feature a few common sizes. Check the contents to ensure you get the bit lengths you require.

Diameter - the bit diameters will determine the width of the holes you can drill. Again, if you work with specific wall plugs and screw sizes, check the contents to make sure you get what you need.

Drill bit set jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you to navigate our range, so we've outlined a quality standard for a common drill bit to help you to make the best purchasing decision for you.

What does the standard ISO 5419:1982 mean?

ISO 5419:1982 defines the types of twist drills and the terms used to describe them.

Let's break it down...

• ISO - This standard was published by the* International Organization for Standardization*

• 5419 - The assigned legislation number

• 1982 - This is the year this standard was originally published and was last reviewed and confirmed in 2018


Do drill bit sets work with any drill?

Unfortunately no. Drills hold bits in the chuck and will only fit those that are compatible with their chuck size.

Which drill bit is better, titanium or cobalt?

While titanium bits are tough and durable, cobalt bits are longer lasting, albeit, quite a bit more expensive.