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James Walker

Tico Machine Mounting Material Anti-Vibration Pads

10 Variations

Machine mounting material anti-vibration pads available in a range of sizes.

Features and Benefits
• Versatile machine mounting material damping pads which are compatible with all types of machine base including individual feet, cast skirts or flat base
• Manufactured from graded cork particles and a synthetic rubber, TICO® has a high coefficient of friction and resists most oils, spirits and cutting fluids
• Easy and quick to cut and install
• Available in 4 sizes all with a thickness of 12.5mm.

Typical applications
• General-purpose plant and machinery
• Machinery with high centre of gravity or internal out-of-balance forces e.g. lathe, pillar drill, shaper, saw; machinery with vertical shock load e.g. power press, slotting machine, guillotine, crusher etc