Fibreglass Shaft Ball Pein Hammers

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Manufactured from, drop forged steel with a red fibreglass handle, this range of ball pein hammers are designed for strength and user comfort. With a black textured slip resistant rubber grip and a shaft and grip that combine to dampen the impact transmitted through to the user's hand and wrist. The overall product is one that aims to reduce operator fatigue and the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Available in a range of sizes and specifications.

Features and Benefits
• Fibreglass handle has a textured, slip resistant rubber grip to allow for easy use
• Design allows for anti-vibration to deliver more solid blows
• Head is constructed from drop forged steel to bolster strength and durability
• In an attractive black and red colour to suit all workplaces
• Available in varying sizes and specifications to allow you to select the product that best suits your needs

Typical Applications
• Ideal for industrial use by professionals such as construction workers, builders and DIY enthusiasts