An eraser is a tool used for removing ink, pencil, or chalk marks. At Cromwell, we offer erasers from popular stationary brands such as Classmaster™, Helix® and Pental.

What are Erasers?

Designed mainly to remove pencil marks, erasers can be sold separately or made attached to pencils, meaning that you can correct any mistakes you make without leaving any proof of the error you made.

Why Erasers?

Erasers can be long lasting, with minimal crumbling, offering you maximum erasing performance. They help you to keep your writing or drawing accurate, fixing any unwanted errors.

When are Erasers used?

Erasers can be used in a variety of ways to remove a dry medium from a surface (usually paper). They can be used to help tidy up small areas and edges, removing layers of colour to fade an area, removing pencil sketch from underneath a watercolour or ink drawing, along with removing mistakes.

Eraser types

Kneaded eraser   -    These kneadable rubbers are not abrasive, and work by absorbing colour so they do not wear away. They are soft and flexible, and can be easily formed and sculpted into various shapes.

Rubber erasers   -    Used to remove graphite pencil on paper by shedding itself as it lifts the pencil marks.

Gum erasers   -    These erasers crumble whilst erasing meaning that they do not tear up your paper, and are ideal for erasing graphite on paper.

Vinyl erasers   -    Also known as plastic erasers, these are the toughest erasers as they can erase almost anything, even ink! They can create a clean and complete erasing experience, often coming in white and a variety of shapes.

Considerations when choosing Erasers

• Durability - The eraser should combine well with different drawing surfaces and mediums, offering flexibility.

• Size - Make sure you choose the best size for the easiest handling for the application you are using.

• Shape - The shape of the eraser could impact the ability to use it for it's purpose, so ensure you have a rubber that is easy to hold and comfortable to use.


*Why do erasers state they are Phthalate-free? *
Some erasers can be labelled as PVC-free or Phthalate-free, meaning that they do not contain harmful phthalate plasticiser. Human exposure to phthalates has been reported to cause several undesirable effects.

How do I clean a vinyl eraser?
When using an art drawing eraser, rubbing it in a circular motion repeatedly over the drawing surface is the best way to remove pencil lead marks.