Flip Charts

Discover our range of flip chart pads for your presentations, meetings, and lessons at Cromwell. We stock a comprehensive selection of pads in a range of paper types as singles and in packs. Choose from market-leading brands, like Bi Office®, Legamaster® and Q-Connect® for excellent quality at great prices.

What are flip charts?

Flip charts are designed to attach to a whiteboard or easel. They're large, unlined pads of paper, usually of A1 size, and are used as a visual aid in presentations or as an interactive note pad in meetings.

Why buy flip charts?

Flip charts are handy for brainstorming sessions and break-out groups. Suitable for both drawing and writing, they're an excellent solution for when a digital presentation isn't available.

When are flip charts used?

Flip charts are used for general meetings, group learning and break-out sessions to name just a few. They're used widely in the education sector to introduce new ideas and interactive lessons, and in businesses for meetings, presentations, and team days.

Flip chart types

There are three general types of flip chart pad, with numerous variants in paper type available. Mathematics flip charts feature gridlines, while literacy flip charts have handwriting lines to allow younger children to practice their letters. However, when you think of flip chart pads, the classic style tends to be the plain, white, A1 sized pads that allow for easy tearing of sheets...

Mounted flip chart pad   -   These flip chart pads feature mounting holes at the top of each pad and perforations for quick paper removal.

Freestanding self-adhesive flip chart pad   -    This type of pad features a cardboard backing that can be unfolded to create a desktop paper stand. These are ideal for more intimate meetings or teaching sessions where there are only a few employees or students to one teacher.

Magic Chart polypropylene sheets   -   These space-saving and versatile sheets are supplied on a roll and can be stuck to most surfaces electrostatically. Ideal when a chart isn't available, each sheet can be wiped clean for reuse.

Considerations when choosing flip charts

Paper type - as previously discussed, flip chart pads are available in a range of paper types, including lines, dots, and squares as well as the classic plain.

Mounting type - if you already have a flip chart easel it makes sense to purchase mounted pads to fit that. However, if you're looking for a more portable option, the freestanding and Magic Chart options are also good value.


How many sheets are in a standard flip chart pad?

The number of sheets and paper weight (gsm) differs from supplier to supplier. However, the average offering per pad is forty sheets. We recommend that you check the technical details for confirmation before purchase.

What size is A1 paper?
A1 paper measures 594mm x 841mm, which is the second largest in the A series paper sizes.