Safety Pins

Safety pins come in a manner of shapes and sizes, with varying applications in mind. Cromwell stock a range of safety pins suitable for applications like first aid bandages and more from brands like Medikit.

What are safety pins?

Simply put, the safety pin is a variation on a regular pin with a sprung clasp, securing the pointed end. This enables the pin to securely hold the item in place whilst protecting the user from the sharp end of the pin.

What are safety pins used for?

Safety pins are used in a variety of application, form haberdashery and tailoring, through to arts and crafts, as well as first aid, to secure bandages.

Types of safety pins

Traditional - The standard traditional safety pin is perhaps the most used and is as versatile as it is common. They can vary in size form ¾ inch to 4 inches long.

Curved - These pins are useful for passing through many layers of fabric, ensuring the layers don't shift.

Heavy duty - These are thicker and larger than regular safety pins and are designed to hold heavier pieces of cloth in place.

Considerations when choosing safety pins

Size - Ensuring the size of the pin used is compatible with the application is important to get the best results. Too small an d light a pin could result in the pin bending and springing open exposing the sharp tip.


Why does my first aid kit need safety pins?

Safety pins are an integral part of a first aid kit because they are used to secure medical bandages around and injury or would.

Are safety pins resistant to rust?

Safety pins are typically made from steel, stainless or nickel plated. This makes them resistant, but not impervious to rust.