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Plastic Storage Bins

12 Variations

Constructed from robust and wear and tear-resistant polypropylene, this range of storage bins comes fitted with moulded label holders. Designed for component or part storage, these bins can stand alone, be nested on top of each other or hung on louvred panels. Available in three sizes and four attractive, varying colours, these storage bins are extremely versatile and can adapt to any and all of your storage needs.

Features and Benefits
• Manufactured from a high-strength polypropylene that is both corrosion-resistant and durable
• Possesses slots capable of holding labels to allow you to organise your storage to suit your needs
• Available in three sizes and four colours to meet whatever your specifications may be
• Can be hung on louvred panels to help maximise storage space and can help tailor storage to your requirements

Typical Applications
• Ideal for hanging on a standard louvred panel as well as for free-standing or stacking storage
• The range of colours makes them ideal for institutional use, as they can be used as a colour-coded system

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