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Plastic Storage Bins

28 Variations

Available in four attractive colours and an array of sizes and specifications to suit your needs, these plastic storage bins are incredibly versatile. Manufactured from high strength polypropylene which is corrosion resistant and robust, they possess an interlocking design that allows for the bins to be hung on any standard louvre panel as well as being able to stand freely to suit individual preference. A simple and elegant way to maximise your storage space.

Features and Benefits
• Manufactured from a high strength and durable polypropylene making it a long lasting product
• Has an interlocking design that allows for it to be hung on a standard louvre panel
• Can be nested and stacked to help optimise your storage
• Available in a range of four attractive colours to suit your personal tastes and needs

Typical Applications
• Ideal for being hung upon a louvred panel as well as being used for free standing storage. The range of colours makes it useful in institutional settings

• All measurements given are the outer dimensions and have a tolerance of +/-2.5mm