Box Files

Discover our range of box files at great prices from Cromwell. We stock a wide selection of box files in various sizes, colours, and materials to suit all your storage needs. Choose from market-leading brands, like Q-Connect® and Hermes Filing Systems®.

What are box files?

Box files are a combination of a file and a box made from durable pressboard and typically feature a click-to-close lid. They're usually foolscap sized (larger than an A4 sheet of paper) and deep enough to hold a large number of documents. Many have a security lever inside to keep the documents from slipping down and putting pressure on the opening.

Why buy box files?

Box files are ideal when archiving documents or storing affiliated documents together. Since they're deeper and more rigid than document wallets, they can keep a batch of documents together, labelled, and easy to find.

When are box files used?

Box files are typically used when paperwork needs to be carefully stored and available but doesn't need to be viewed on a regular basis.

Box file types

Available in a wide range of colours, box files are designed for accessible storage and visual identification. An established design, types of box files usually differ based on closure and material...

Elastic box file   -   Made from durable polypropylene and riveted for added support, these box files feature an elastic closure with a support flap to keep documents secure.

A4 box file   -   This more condensed form of storage is designed for carrying documents and is usually thinner than a standard foolscap box file. For this reason, they're usually equipped with an elastic closing.

Rigid box file   -   This type of box file is made from dense pressboard and reinforced with plastic ends to ensure strength when storing.

Heavy-duty box file   -   Made from heavy-duty polypropylene, this box file features a D-ring filing mechanism to ensure documents remain upright and secure.

Considerations when choosing box files

Number of documents - box files will display their sheet capacity, which will allow you to decide whether one or more box files are needed.

Size - if you require a box file that allows for transportation as opposed to storage, choose based on size and weight. A4 and A5 box files are available for project file storage and are usually made from less dense material than the standard foolscap versions.


Is A4 and foolscap the same thing?

In short, no. Before A and B-sized paper was introduced, foolscap folio paper was the standard-sized paper used in most countries and measured 20.32cm x 33.02cm. In the context of box file sizes, A4 sheets will easily fit in both A4 and foolscap box files, but foolscap box files are designed to allow a little extra room around the documents to aid retrieval.