Rubber Bands

Rubber bands come in more varieties than you might think, from everyday stationary to industrial sizes bands, Cromwell stock a range or rubber bands from brands like Qconnect.

What are rubber bands?

Simply put rubber bands are elasticated bands made of rubber that come in various sizes, with the function of securing multiple items together. They are made out of a few different materials but the most popular is natural rubber.

Why rubber bands?

Rubber bands are a versatile way of securing things together. Their elasticity allows them to stretch and be wrapped around objects multiple times for a secure hold.

Types of elastic bands

Standard - These rubber bands are used for holding the day-to-day things like office supplies, newspaper bundle etc.

Industrial - These large, thick bands are used for various industrial jobs. They are manufactured from heavy-duty rubber materials making them tougher and more robust.

Latex-free - These rubber bands are manufactured without latex, which can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

High - temp - These rubber bands are manufactured to withstand high temperatures and exposure to UV light.

Considerations when choosing rubber bands

Size - This will determine how many objects the band can hold. Larger bands can be wrapped around multiple times to secure smaller items.

Colour - Rubber bands come in a variety of colours ideal for creating systems for easy identification of objects.

Elasticity - How much stretch the elastic band has will determine the application that it is used for.


Are elastic bands recyclable?

Yes, rubber is recyclable, however you will need a large amount of bands to make it cost-effective.