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What are tea bags?

Used to contain tea leaves, teabags are made from porous material, such as filter paper or plastic. They contain tea leaves or other combination of herbs, leaves and flowers; and are placed into boiling water to infuse and make a cup of tea.

Why buy tea bags?

The alternative to teabags is loose tea leaves in a strainer. While this method is favoured by whole-leaf tea drinkers, these do have to be left to steep longer for a better infusion as they sit just in the surface of the water. Teabags on the other hand sit inside the cup and are shaped to allow water to flow through the leaves to infuse faster. Teabags can be dunked and squeezed to control the strength of infusion and make the best brew for individual tastes.

Tea bag types

Tea bags are available in a range of shapes and flavours, including green tea, fruit teas and more. They've gone through a range of re-shapes since their first invention; however, studies have shown that its not the shape that matters, but the size of the tea bag in achieving the best infusion.

So, whether the bag be square, round or stick-shaped, it turns out that for the best water to leaf contact, 3-D shaped tea bags, like PG Tips'® pyramid bags for example, provide enough room for leaf movement to allow for a quick and even infusion.

Considerations when choosing teabags

Bag material - for the most eco friendly option, choose filter paper tea bags as these will biodegrade and leave no trace.

Leaf type - variations of Camellia sinensis are used for tea leaves. Black tea leaves are most commonly used by the big brands for standard teas, but there are six varieties of tea to choose from, including white tea, green tea and oolong tea.

Size - for the fastest and most even infusion, choose a 3-D shaped bag to allow for maximum leaf to water contact.


What type of tea is Earl Grey?

Earl grey is made from a base of standard tea leaves, which can include black tea, oolong or rooibos; with the addition of Bergamot oil, which is derived from bergamot orange rind to give the tea its distinct flavour.

Which tea is the healthiest to drink regularly?

Tea leaves are sourced from plants; however, they undergo a considerable amount of processing before they make it into the bag and onto the shelf. Therefore, the healthiest teas are those which are subjected to the least amount of processing, including oxidation.

Tea leaf oxidation is the drying process, whereby leaves are exposed to the air to dry and develop their strength and aroma. The types of tea that undergo minimal oxidation are green tea and white tea, thus retaining more of their antioxidants and nutrients that contribute to heart and brain health.