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Work-related skin problems are very common and can happen in most workplaces, and not only cause suffering to the individual, but also can be a burden to employers who are left with sickness absences and compensation. The most effective and reliable way to prevent skin problems is to implement processes which avoid contact with harmful substances, but for environments where no contact is not possible, protective gloves can be effective at protecting the wearer from harm.

Workwear gloves come in a wide variety of design, material and thickness. They can be split into two categories, safety gloves and chemical gloves. Safety gloves can range from cut resistant to anti-vibration gloves which are designed to help wearers in their field of work.

With chemical gloves, some important considerations to note are whether the gloves can resist the chemical to be used, the breakthrough time, the permeation rate and the overall degradation. The standard for these gloves is EN374-3 so be sure to look for this certification when looking into chemical resisting gloves.

Cromwell have a vast selection of hand protection to suit your requirements and our expert guide provides you with the legislation and information you need to select the right products.

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