High Visibility Workwear

The Health and Safety Executive points to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 to show employers and workers the factors that need to be considered when dealing with high visibility workwear, including whether the workwear is suitable for the risk, suitable for the wearer and if it is compatible with other forms of PPE that may be required. Hi-vis workwear is either highly reflective or is easily discernible from any background, making it ideal for use around roads, building sites or the rail network. It is made in bright fluorescent colours such as saturn yellow and hi-vis orange to help you stand out in the day, and retroreflective material to be more visible in low light conditions.

Cromwell have a wide selection of hi-vis jackets, hi-vis vests, hi-vis waistcoats and other hi-vis workwear, to help stand out and be safe and our expert guide provides you with the legislation and information you need to select the right products.

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