Abrasive Rolls

Find high-quality sanding abrasive rolls at great prices from Cromwell online. We stock a wide selection of both coated and non-woven abrasive rolls to suit all applications. Available in a wide range of lengths and grades, we've carefully selected high-performance products from market-leading brands like 3M™, Norton Saint Gobain®, Sia Abrasives® and our own brand, Kennedy®.

What are sanding rolls?

Sanding rolls are designed to remove stock and to prepare or finish a surface. They're available in a range of lengths and grits to clamp onto a power sander or for hand sanding. Rolls can be torn or cut to size and feature a variety of abrasive grits to suit different material applications.

Sanding roll types

There are two types of sanding rolls available on the market and are often designed for general-purpose tasks. Abrasive roll specifications adhere to international standards to ensure consistent quality between brands.

• Coated rolls   -   These rolls have a backing of utility cloth or paper with abrasive material bonded onto one side. Their main application is to remove stock and shape during the manufacturing process

• Non-woven rolls   -   These abrasive rolls feature a blend of abrasive materials fused onto synthetic filaments and are used for the final prep and finish of a workpiece

Considerations when choosing sanding rolls

Application - choose a coated roll when removing stock or shaping a workpiece, while a non-woven abrasive roll is ideal for prepping a surface for a finishing product or cleaning and polishing a surface for finishing.

Grade - this applies to coated rolls and depends on how much stock you wish to remove. The lower the grade, the coarser and more aggressive the sanding rolls will be.

Abrasive material - depending on the material you'll be working on, choose the abrasive to suit. Some sanding rolls are designed for general-purpose tasks, but if you're unsure on the best product to choose, check the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging, or speak to our experts for advice and guidance.

Sanding roll jargon buster

Understanding quality standards can help with your purchase, so we've broken down an applicable standard to keep you up to date with quality manufacturing requirements.

What does ISO 3366:1999 mean?

This international standard outlines the dimension specifications for coated abrasives, specifically abrasive rolls.

Let's break it down...

• ISO - Published and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization

• 3366 - This is the legislation number

• 1999 - This is the year this standard was last updated, replacing the 1975 version. It was last reviewed and confirmed in 2020


What is 80 grit sandpaper used for?

This grade of sandpaper falls into the coarse category and is used to remove high stock levels. It's an aggressive grit and should only be used for removal and shaping as it can leave scratches behind that are usually cleaned up with higher grit papers.

Is 400 grit fine sandpaper?

400 grit falls under the very fine category of sandpaper and is used to sand between coats of lacquer or paint to achieve a fine and smooth finish. It's also beneficial when sanding metal and other very hard surfaces to prevent scratches or swirls.