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30mm Soft De-Nibbing Block

2 Variations

The Flexipads De-Nibbing Block is a soft and durable polyurethane tool designed for spot repairs. This versatile de-nibbing block is manufactured with either a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) or GRIP face, providing options to cater to different preferences and applications. Its soft composition ensures effective de-nibbing without causing damage to the surface. Whether you choose the PSA or GRIP face option, the Flexipads De-Nibbing Block is an ideal choice for achieving smooth and flawless finishes in spot repairs, making it a valuable tool in automotive and other finishing applications.

Features and Benefits
• Surface: 30mm
• Abrasive: 35mm
• Specification: GRIP & PSA Reversible

• For best results, and to prevent scorching the paint, spray a little water onto the area being sanded
• In a circular motion move the block (rose) over the defect until it has been removed
• Wipe any excess dust away before compounding