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Industrial Steel Wire Wool

3 Variations

Available in a choice of seven grades for industrial, household, and trade use.
For the preparation of surfaces between coats, use the wire wool dry.
For removing paint spots, use with a white spirit, turpentine or liquid paint
remover. For household work, use with soap and water as required.
Suitable for use with metallic pots and pans. Always wear gloves.

000 - Very Fine: Dulling of varnish, polishing metals and car bodies.
00 - Fine: Between coats of paint and polishing wooden surfaces.
0 - Fine: General purpose.
1 - Medium: Preparation prior to painting or varnishing.
2 - Medium: General purpose.
3 - Coarse: Removal of paint, varnish, rust etc.
4 - Very Coarse: Rubbing down wooden surfaces, preperation of
car bodies/exterior surfaces.