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Type VT2- Pan Fibre Gland Packing

12 Variations

This pan fibre gland packing is braided from pure Poly Acrylic Nitrile (PAN), impregnated with PTFE, and further treated with special lubricants.

Designed to prevent leakage between the housing of a pump or valve and its moving part, using gland packing enhances performance and extends equipment life even at high shaft speeds and pressures within a wide pH and temperature range.

Features and Benefits
• Resistant to general chemicals, solvents, oils, water and steam
• Does not contaminate or stain - suitable for use in the food, water and paper industries

Pressure rating: 100bar.
Rotary speed: 18m/s.
Temperature: -40°C +250°C.
pH range: 2 - 14.
Roll length: 8m.

Gland Packing
We offer an extensive range of square section Gland Packing designed to minimise maintenance costs using the most advance materials. Available in other sizes and materials, please contact your local service centre for more details.

How to determine the correct Gland Packing size
• Measure diameter of shaft.
• Measure inside diameter of gland (or stuffing box).
• Gland ID - Shaft Diameter divide by 2
This figure gives you the cross section of the area to be packed.
• From the table, choose the gland packing with the closest size.
If your figure is in-between, use the next size up.

mm inch
3.2 1/8"
5.0 3/16"
6.5 1/4"
8.0 5/16"
9.5 3/8"
10.0 3/8"
11.0 7/16"
12.5 1/2"
14.5 9/16"
16.0 5/8"
19.0 3/4"
20.0 3/4"
22.0 7/8"
25.0 1"