Putties are a widely used essential adhesive sealant commonly used in the construction industry. Here at Cromwell, we stock putties from suppliers Everbuild and Bracon.

What are putties?

Putty is a type of adhesive sealant that is used to provide secure hold, prevent leaks, or fill in cracks or on gaps to create a smooth strong seal. It has a texture similar to dough or clay. Some putties dry fast to become solid, but some can be reworked multiple times.

When are putties used?

Putties are used in in a variety of construction and repair applications such as plumbing, window glazing, and painting and decorating.

Considerations when choosing putty

Type  -   There are various types of putty available to specifically suit your application. For example, Plumbers Putty is a type of putty that has been designed to be used in plumbing applications - it is waterproof, remains flexible and can be used to create a seal around pipes, drains other plumbing parts. Multi-Purpose Linseed oil putty is a type of putty that is formulated to secure glass into window frames made from wood or metal.
Compatible Material  -   Putties can be used with a wide range of materials such as metal, ceramics, pvc and wood. But not all putty types are compatible with all material types, this should be considered at selection.


Can plumbers putty be used as a permanent fix?
Plumbers putty is used to seal water leaks. However, because it is used on the exterior of plumbing pipes it's only considered a temporarily method to fix a leak.