Specialist Tapes

For more highly specialised applications, our range of Specialist Tapes will ensure that no matter the use, you'll find the right tape.

Here at Cromwell, we offer a wide range of Specilaist Tapes from our trusted, exclusive brand Avon as well as national brands 3M, Gorilla and Advance as well as many more.

What are specialist tapes?

Specialist tapes are tapes which are designed for more niche, highly technical and industrial use. They may possess heightened resistance features or bolstered durability based upon their intended application.

Why specialist tapes?

For industrial, specilaised applications, it's important to have the right product for your needs in order to get the best from the product.

Specialist tape types

There are several types of specialist tapes available, each of which possess key attributes. To help you to find the best one for your needs, we've broken down each type to highlight the basic features of each.

Plate mounting tape   -   Plate mounting tapes are used in the printing industry to securely attach printing plates to printing cylinders or sleeves. These tapes play a crucial role in ensuring that the printing plates remain firmly in place during the printing process, leading to accurate and consistent print results.

Transfer tape   -   transfer tapes, also known as sticky back or adhesive transfer tapes, are double-sided adhesive tapes used in various industries for mounting or transferring various materials, including printing plates, photosensitive materials, labels, decals, and more. These tapes have adhesive on both sides and are designed to securely bond one surface to another, allowing for easy application and placement of materials.

Flame retardant tape   -   Flame retardant tapes are adhesive tapes specifically designed to provide flame retardancy and fire-resistant properties in various applications. These tapes are used to secure, insulate, or protect materials and components in environments where fire safety is a critical concern. Flame retardant tapes are commonly used in the electrical, aerospace, automotive, construction, and industrial sectors.

Bonding tape   -   Bonding tapes are adhesive tapes specially designed for bonding and attaching printing plates to printing cylinders or sleeves in the printing industry. These tapes play a crucial role in ensuring that the printing plates remain securely fastened during the printing process, allowing for consistent and high-quality print results.

Considerations when choosing a specialist tape

By considering these factors, you can select the most suitable packaging tape for your specific packaging needs, ensuring secure and reliable sealing of your packages during transportation and storage.

• Adhesive strength - Determine the required adhesive strength based on the weight and nature of the package. Consider whether you need a tape with a strong adhesive for secure sealing or a lower adhesive strength for easy opening and resealing.

• Manufacturer - Choose a reputable manufacturer for specialist tapes. Quality and consistency in tape manufacturing can significantly impact performance.

• Width and length - Select the appropriate width and length of the tape based on the size and the coverage area required. Consider the width and the length needed to for your desired application.

• Tape thickness - Consider the thickness or gauge of the tape, as it can impact its strength and durability. Thicker tapes are generally stronger and more resistant to tearing.

• Resistance Features - Evaluate the temperature range and various other environmental conditions that the tape may be subject to. Some tapes offer better resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, or UV light, ensuring the integrity of the seal and package contents.