Battery Starters, Chargers & Testers

Ensure your vehicle batteries are working correctly and serviced in due course by selecting battery starters, chargers, and testers. Cromwell offer a wide range of battery starters, chargers, and testers with various amperage and voltages from leading brands such as SIP®, Sykes-Pikavant®, and our Cromwell exclusive brand Kennedy®.

Why use battery starters, chargers & testers?

Battery starters, chargers, and testers are important tools which can allow the user or a technician to diagnose any problems with existing batteries, allow for servicing, or bypass the battery so the engine start and recharge the battery. These tools can help in reducing costs of purchasing new batteries by allowing them to be serviced correctly, maintain battery health over long periods of time or diagnose any issues with them.

Battery starters, chargers & tester types

There are some key differences between battery starters, chargers, and testers. We have clearly explained the differences below to help you understand exactly what each tool provides.

Battery testers   -   Battery testers test the condition of the installed battery. This allows the user or technician to understand the condition of the battery and determine whether it is necessary to replace the battery. Battery testers can either be made electronic which checks the electrical capacity of the battery, or handheld which can be used to check the fluid within the battery.

Battery chargers   -   Battery chargers replace the charge of the installed battery safely at the correct voltage. This is useful for batteries which have not been in use for extended periods of time and require to be charged. Some advanced chargers also offer trickle charging to keep the battery at maximum capacity for long periods of time without damage to the battery.

Battery starters   -   Battery starters connect to the existing battery and allow for a car to be started with the additional power from the battery starter. This will then allow for the alternator or dynamo to charge the installed battery for the remaining time.


Is it worth buying a battery charger?

Most motorist who drive their cars often can would not a battery charger as their engine will be able to maintain the charge on their battery. However, those who have their cars idle for a long time either in storage or driving other vehicles would benefit greatly by being able to keep their battery charged at a healthy level and prolong the battery life for when the car is required.

What are the signs you need a new battery?

There are a few key signs to determine whether you need a new battery for your vehicle. These include the engine cranking but not starting, unresponsive ignition, no external or internal lights, or even needing to jump start the car often. In these cases, it is important to test the battery health to determine if a new battery is required. To maintain the battery lifespan, it may be beneficial to have battery chargers to ensure the battery does not stay dead for extended periods of time.