Chain Tensioners

Chain tensioners are used to tighten and maintain chain tension to prevent the need for continual maintenance leading to a decreased downtime and improved productivity. Here at Cromwell, we have a selection of tensioners from leading supplier Dunlop BTL.

What are chain tensioners?

A chain tensioner is a mechanical device that is used to obtain and maintain the correct tension in a chain which improves the service life of the chain by reducing wear on rollers and bearings.

When are chain tensioners used?

Chain tensioners systems are used regularly in machinery to tighten chains and belt drives. This improves the overall productivity, reduces vibration on bearings, rollers and machine parts, which in turn reduces the need for frequent maintenance and downtime. Tensioners also aid belt drives to transmit torque by prevent the belt from lengthening, slipping or overheating.

Considerations when choosing a chain tensioner

Type  -   There are different types of chain tensioners available, chain tension arm which is a single piece device or sprocket wheel type that has a built in socket.
Arm length  -   There are different sizes of tensioner available to suit your specific machine type. Measurement in millimeters (mm) and inches(in.).


Benefits of chains tensioners?
Chain tensions bring many benefits by ensure a chain remains tight, reduces noise, decreases vibration which reduces the need for unplanned or planned maintenance which increased productivity and save money.