Body & Hair Care

Caring for your body and hair with products is an everyday necessity, keeping your skin healthy and ready for whatever the day brings. Our range of body and hair products leave the skin feeling cleansed, soft and refreshed. At Cromwell, we offer lotions by O'Keeffe's®, Gojo® and Rubbermaid®.

What is body and hair care?

Body and hair care are shampoos, lotions and foam washes that clean the hair and body, leaving them fragranced and moisturised. They are crucial for retaining good hygiene, healthy looking hair and skin and relieving dry, itchy patches.

Why body and hair care?

Personal hygiene is important to care for every day, whatever job you may be doing. Whether it be in the office, warehouse, workshop or outdoors, hair and body condition have a big impact on how you feel, and therefore how you perform. In good condition, your skin is soft and moisturised ensuring you can get on with your day without distractions. However, everyone can suffer from dry and itchy skin. That's where our relief lotions come in. They alleviate dry or itchy skin and are suitable for most skin types.

When are body and hair care used?

Body and hair care products are used every day to maintain good hygiene.

Body and hair care types

We offer different types of body and hair care. Let's look into our offerings.

Hair and Body Wash   -   Hair and body wash is a two-in-one product which leaves hair clean and fragrant and leaves your skin soft and cleansed. They are often suitable for most skin types, removing grease and grime without causing irritation.

Relief Body Lotion   -   Repair and relief body lotions are ideal for soothing dry and itchy skin, absorbing quickly and providing protection for up to 48 hours. They are suitable for most skin types, including diabetes and eczema sufferers.

Considerations when choosing body and hair care

Intended use - Consider what you want to keep clean with the product you choose. Our relief lotions are ideal for keeping skin moisturised but are not suitable for use all over the body or the hair.

Skin type - Each of us has a different skin type. Our products are suitable for most skin types, but it's important to know what type of skin you have so that the shampoo or lotion doesn't aggravate you.

Coverage - If you're purchasing body and hair care with the intention of using it in a workplace setting, consider how many people this will need to serve. We offer products from 190ml to 2ltr, so no matter how big your business is, we've got you covered.


What does a product being dermatologically tested mean?

When a product has been dermatologically tested, it means that a dermatologist has tested how it reacts to human skin, and its potential to cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Are all body and hair care products fragranced?

No. We have a blend of fragranced and non-fragranced products depending on your preference. Non-fragranced products don't leave a fresh smell, but they have less artificial ingredients and scents.