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Kentucky™ Wringer Mop Buckets

4 Variations

Save your back with these useful wringer buckets. The tall design and casters avoid unnecessary lifting and carrying, which make them ideal for heavy-duty mopping in large areas.

Separated into two compartments, this bucket includes a dirt sump for used water for more efficient cleaning. Perfect for colour coded cleaning, this range is available in four colours to help maintain high standards of hygiene.

Features and Benefits
• Features an integrated clip to hold a mop in place when the bucket is not in use
• Tall design to reduce the need to bend
• Easy pour lip helps to minimise spillages
• 3" castors offer maximum maneuverability
• Large capacity for mopping large areas

• Wringer bucket only - mops sold separately
• Suitable for use with socket mops and Kentucky™ mops
• Dimensions: L46cm x W37cm
• Weight: 5kg