Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine is an effective germ-killing agent that disinfects water and can also be used as a cleaning agent. Cromwell stock a range of chlorine tablets ideal for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, with brands like Jeyes.

What are chlorine tablets?

Chlorine tablets are essentially chlorine bleach sodium hypochlorite in tablet form, which can be dissolved in water to make a powerful cleaning agent, killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and purifying water in toilet tanks. They are effervescent so rapidly dissolve into a solution for use.

Why chlorine tablets?

Chlorine tablets are versatile and can be used in a manner of different ways, from forming a spray solution with water for surface cleaning to toilet tanks. They can even be used as a soaking solution for cleaning mopheads. They are highly sanitary and make great disinfectants with maximum germ-killing power.

How to use chlorine tablets

As with all chemicals you should follow the user instructions carefully. Chlorine is corrosive and toxic so care and PPE including gloves and eyewear is a must. Make sure you follow the dilution process carefully depending on the required application as too concentrated a mixture could damage surfaces and equipment.


Do chlorine tablets bleach clothes?

Yes, chlorine is a type of bleach and will strip the colour from fabrics.

Are chlorine tablets hazardous?

Yes, chlorine is toxic and corrosive. Over exposure to the fumes of chlorine can cause severe respiratory problems. Be sure to use in a well-ventilated area and always wear PPE including gloves and eye protection. Be sure to avoid release into the environment as chlorine is very toxic to wildlife. Always clean up spillages.

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