Dishwasher Detergents

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What are dishwasher tablets and rinse aid?

Used to clean and rinse dishes, pots and pans in dishwashers, tablets and rinse aid both help to achieve a thorough clean without the effort of washing up by hand.

Dishwasher tablets are a blend of detergents, degreasers and enzymes that lift and break down food debris so it can be washed away to leave clean pots and crockery.

Rinse aid is a surfactant - an important component of all cleaning detergents - and lowers the surface tension between the liquid washing solution in the dishwasher, and the solid surfaces of the items being washed. In layman's terms, it stops the cleaning water from sticking to the pots and pans, allowing it to rinse away without leaving residue.

Why buy dishwasher tablets and rinse aid?

Dishwasher tablets and rinse aid take the effort out of everyday washing up and simply do the job for you. This can save you significant time during the day to do more important tasks.

Dishwasher tablet and rinse aid types

There's a lot of choice when it comes to dishwasher tablets and rinse aids. In the case of rinse aids, it usually comes down to branding, size, and scent, but dishwasher tablets are available in various forms.

• Detergent dishwasher tablets   -   The most basic type of dishwasher tablets, these are simply cleaning detergent formed into the shape of a convenient tablet to avoid measuring powder

• Double action dishwasher tablets   -   Typically formed in two differently coloured and textured layers, these dishwasher tablets will feature cleaning detergent and dishwasher salt to help break down the minerals in hard water areas

• Triple-action dishwasher tablets   -   These tablets will feature three layers or have a circular tablet in the centre for the extra function. This type of dishwasher tablet removes the need for rinse aid and dishwasher salt as they are formulated to provide all the necessaries for clean and sparkling dishes

• Gel dishwasher pods   -   Dishwasher pods often feature a more concentrated solution than their tablet counterparts, and typically include a pre-treatment and a degreasing agent as well as the usual detergent and rinse aid

• Professional dishwasher tablets   -   This type can be formulated to offer anything up to five functions in one tablet. They often feature water-soluble wrapping for convenience and are designed for industrial kitchens, caterers, or hotels

Considerations when choosing dishwasher tablets and rinse aid

Water-type - if you live in a hard water area, there are dishwasher tablets and rinse aids that can help, with various rinse aid formulas and dual-action dishwasher tablets that contain salt to help break down the minerals in hard water.

Fragrance - Lemon-scented dishwasher tablets are the most common, while some eco-friendly variants have little to no scent. Others produce a variety of scents like lavender and grapefruit, to name a few.

Eco-credentials - many prefer an environmentally friendly tablet and rinse aid, and these are catered for by brands such as Ecover®.

Dishwasher tablets and rinse aid jargon buster

In the instance of commercial dishwashing, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) should be consulted on the 'Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, 2002'. Professional dish washer tablets, detergents and rinse aids can often be formulated with chemicals that can prove hazardous to health.

What can be done?

• Risk assessments should be conducted to identify any risks, with safety procedures put in place to help reduce the risks found

• Ask suppliers for safety data sheets for all cleaning substances used in dishwashing processes; so you can be clearer on the nature of the chemicals they contain

• Introduce staff training to ensure best practise is used where possible to keep employees safe


Do I need rinse aid if I use dishwasher tablets?

This depends on the dishwasher tablets, as some are made entirely of detergent, while others feature double or triple layers of rinse aid and salt. Check the packaging for the formula, and if they're dual-action or triple action then salt and rinse aid shouldn't be necessary.

Do I need dishwasher salt with water softener?

To work effectively, dishwashers need to use soft water. So, for those of us who live in hard water areas, dishwasher salt removes the calcium and magnesium from hard water to prevent the build-up of limescale. However, if you have a water softener fitted, you shouldn't need dishwasher salt at all.